Take part in Career Booster Week

Your business has a unique opportunity to speak with recent graduates during the Career Booster Week Fair. 

You get the chance to hear them talk about what they can offer your business.

And who knows, maybe you'll find yourself in the midst of a job interview with a future employee. 

Last year, the business were happy campers

Half of the business participating in the fair so far this year have returned home with rock solid collaborations or job interview appointments. 

Among other things, they said this about the fair:

"Well planned and actively engaged students with lots of relevant questions..."

"It's a nice, convenient opportunity for students as well as business to find a kind of match."

The fair takes place in June.

Get advice about the entire hiring process for new employees

SDU offers an individually customised Q&A process for business about to hire new employees. 

It's possible you'd like to hire someone whose background is different than your other employees or maybe it's even your first student or graduate. 

We'll guide you through the whole process for everything from the initial job announcement to retaining the employee after the first year. 

Read more about the programme and achieve success with your hiring.

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Any questions about the various offers?

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