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Professor Charlotte Overgaard new colleague

Charlotte Overgaard has a multidisciplinary background in midwifery and health science and holds a doctoral degree in Sociology from 2012. She entered academia full time in 2012, when she was appointed as an assistant professor in Public Health at Aalborg University (AAU). She has been a driving force the Master of Public Health program at AAU and has built and lead a multi-disciplinary research team focusing on complex interventions and community-based/cross-sectional health services.

Her main research field is women’s, child, adolescent and family health, mental health, and reduction of social inequity of health. Methodologically, she has experience with a wide range of research approaches from qualitative studies and surveys to randomised, controlled trials and register-based studies but has increasingly focused on intervention research and studies of user perspectives.

One of her main international collaborations is with DECIPHer (Centre of Excellence for Development, Evaluation, Complexity, and Implementation in Public Health Improvement) at Cardiff University. She has extensive experience with collaboration with municipalities, hospitals, NGO’s, user organizations, health professionals, and private companies.

Charlotte has started her new position as Professor at SDU, Esbjerg Campus, The Unit for Health Promotion Research on 1 September 2022.

We are looking forward to working with her in our unit.

Editing was completed: 01.09.2022