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Municipal partners

The research unit for health promotion is collaborating with a number of actors in the FELIS project, including the following municipalities:

  • The municipality of Fredericia
  • The municipality of Esbjerg

Other partners

The EiRA network (Evidence in Research and Action) – Increased collaboration between research and practice.

The EiRA network acts as a facilitator and bridge-builder of national, international and global research in the area of cooperation and knowledge sharing between research evidence, practice and policy within public health and health promotion.

The EiRA network functions, among other things, as:

  • A channel of information for those who are interested in the challenges associated with building bridges between research and practice within public health and health promotion.
  • A forum for discussions for evidence-practice-policy links from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  • A forum for expertise, publications, and ongoing research activities related to the EiRA theme.

For more information on the network and contact details go to the website of the EiRA network by clicking on the link.

Last Updated 20.10.2023