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Does relative deprivation exist in Denmark

  The project has ended in 2010.

Does relative deprivation exist in Denmark? A community-level analysis of health inequalities

The aim of this project is to address the existence and effects of relative deprivation in Denmark and to compare and develop appropriate measures of deprivation specific to the Danish context. This is done with national registry data on all-cause and disease-specific mortality and with indicators and indices for deprivation available at the parish level. Another component of the project is studying how neighbourhood-level factors affect the individual health behaviour of Danish adolescents in 7th grade using multi-level analysis. The project is conducted in cooperation with Associate Professor Kim Bloomfield, Center for Drug Research, University of Aarhus.

Partners/collaborators: Statens Institut for Folkesundhed, Copenhagen; Institute of History and Civilization, SDU; Charité Berlin, Germany; Aarhus University, Aarhus

Timeframe: January 2007 – December 2010
External funding: Danish Research Council and Helsefonden
Contact persons at SDU: Christiane Stock ( and Mathias Mejer (

Last Updated 20.10.2023