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Aims & Activities

Aims & Ambitions of EIRA

The aims of the EIRA network is to function as a facilitator and bridge builder for national, international and global collaboration and research in the area of bridging the gap between research evidence, practice and policy in public health and health promotion.

The EIRA network functions as:

  • an information channel for those interested in challenges in bridging the research-practice-policy gap, especially from international perspective in the field of public health and health promotion
  • a research partner search e.g. for international grant proposal writing
  • a forum for discussion of evidence-practice-policy links from a multidisciplinary perspective
  • a resource for expertise, publications, and ongoing research activities related to the EIRA theme


EIRA workshops and sessions at international conferences:
The first international EIRA workshops was conducted in relation to the Nordic Health Promotion Conference, August 2009.
We are planning the next workshop in connection with the European Public Health Association Conference, November 2009.

Last Updated 20.10.2023