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Accidents at Sea

Sometimes maritime transport can be a dangerous occupation due to surroundings like water, wind and at times extreme weather conditions. Therefore, safety at sea plays an important role, and the maritime industry as well as research are very focused on the safety onboard of all types of vessels. An important method of supporting safety work is to monitor, in the form of accident statistics, what challenges the industry is facing in relation to safety .

Therefore, the purpose of this project is to investigate the development of accidents at work in Danish commercial shipping. In addition, the aim is to build an accident register which is to be constantly updated in collaboration with the Danish Maritime Authority and used for research purposes, including monitoring of accidents at work in Danish shipping. In the future, this accident register will be linked to the already existing maritime register ‘BLUE’ at CMSS.

The project is based on quantitative data provided by the Danish Maritime Authority, and it contains information on accidents at work in Danish shipping from 2010 up till today.

Project group
Senior researcher Hanna Barbara Rasmussen (project leader)
Senior researcher Kimmo Herttua

Time schedule and economy
The project runs from 1st November 2019 – 31st December 2023 and is funded internally by CMSS.

 Read the preliminary results in this report.

Last Updated 20.10.2023