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How to reach an accident free work place in the offshore industry

How to reach an accident-free workplace in the offshore industry

The offshore industry in the Danish sector of the North Sea has always focused intensely on safety. Over the years accident rates have been brought down, but the figures have been at the same level for several years. In order to get a new perspective on the issue, Danish Operators have appointed Centre of Maritime Health and Safety (CMSS), University of Southern Denmark in Esbjerg, to formulate a project including a PhD study.

The study includes all employees on production platforms.

The overall objective is to find new methods for further improving safety in order to reach an accident free work place in the offshore industry; to find new preventive initiatives; to develop benchmarking means for comparative analysis across the offshore oil industry.

The project makes use of both qualitative and quantitative methods (participant observation, interviews, survey and statistical analysis).

Download of PhD thesis in pdf without articles

Last Updated 20.10.2023