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Fishermen under cross-pressure

A new pilot project studies the changes in fishery and its importance for the psychical working environment, work life and well-being of the fishermen.

Fishery is changing. From a trade where you prefer to be left in peace - to a trade which is marked by large changes from outside, such as demands, control and regulations, fishing quota etc. In a work environmental and work life perspective, the impact and the consequences of these changes have already been well-documented on land. However, it still needs to be studied at sea.

The aim of the pilot project is to study the impact that the many changes have on the well-being and job satisfaction of fishermen. The project also includes the fishermen’s own suggestions to issues that could be improved, and how the improvements could be implemented.

The pilot project is based on a random selection of fishing boats. It will include qualitative interviews with 20 active fishermen as well as interviews with 5 former fishermen. A literature study will also be included in the final report.

Participating institutions
The Centre of Maritime Health and Society conducts this pilot study in close cooperation with The Danish Fishermen's Occupational Health Services.

The project is supported by The Danish Fishermen’s Occupational Health Services.

Timetable: February 2014 – December 2014

You can read the first report from the project here.
You can read the second and final report from the project here.

Last Updated 20.10.2023