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About the department


The department is structured and led based on a close collaboration with the hospitals.

The Department of Regional Health Research (IRS) is part of the Faculty of Health Sciences at University of Southern Denmark. IRS maintains a close collaboration, both academically and administratively, with the Department of Clinical Research, which encompasses research and education at Odense University Hospital and psychiatry in Odense.

The head of department and the IRS Leadership Team ensure that the department supports research and education at regional hospitals and research units primarily in the Region of Southern Denmark and the Region of Zealand. The IRS Leadership Team, along with administrative personnel and two PhD students, forms the department Council.

There is a significant geographical spread among the hospitals, but research environments and expertise are organizationally linked through IRS. Therefore, the department is not a single-building, single-location entity, but a community with access to each other's research, expertise, and supporting infrastructure.


IRS is led by the head of department. Hospitals with researchers affiliated with IRS have a coordinating head of research, who, together with the head of department forms the IRS Leadership Team. Additionally, each hospital has a head of research in each research unit. The heads of research reports to the coordinating head of research regarding university-related matters. 

Last Updated 19.10.2023