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Notes from Stockholm

Notes from Nordplus’ Network Group Meeting in Sport Pedagogy

Bosön 3-5/3 2014

Present: Torben Hansen, Kenneth Aggerholm, Neringa Baranauskiene, Reidun Fretland, Frode Fretland, Håkan Larsson, (4/3), Michael London, Jörn Dam, Kjersti Mordal Moen (4/3), Hans Hognestad, Rita Gruodyte-Racie, Lauri Stenroth, AnnMari Svendsen, Suzanne Lundvall, Rita Gruodyte-Raciene.

Areas of interest for the Sport Pedagogy Group
After a short presentation of the group members, the Sport Pedagogy group started to openly discuss what the network group could contribute with in relation to the initially discussed questions for the overall network: Why go Nordic?, What’s in it for us/me as a student or as teacher (researcher)?, Forms of exchanges?, Innovative ideas?. Discussed were challenges, benefits and concurrence/conflicts with other networks, groups.
The character and results of the (Scandinavian) ball game’s group was brought up, as well as their book project. What could be learnt from that network group? One aspect was the benefits of a continuous collaboration over the years that the book project had lead to, but also that aspects of exclusion had been experienced by institutions not being a part of the book project.
A consensus was reached upon that a crucial aspect for an active network group in Sport Pedagogy is that we actually have both interest areas and an active collaboration around specific questions, besides teachers’- and students’ exchanges. Several of the group members put forward that it was important for the existence of the network, to work with research questions and projects as part of the network group’s agenda. This latter goes in line with the demands on each staff member at the home institutions

A Collaborative Research Project?
Kenneth presented his idea of a research project that could become a collaborative project with participating institutions from the Nordic countries. The proposed project aims at investigating the particular movement phenomenon of human practising in physical education (PE), sport and rehabilitation (to explore and describe the nature and role of practising in these fields) in order to contribute with a better understanding of the activities that currently takes place. Furthermore to investigate how the phenomenon of practising can inform new perspectives on learning and pedagogical approaches, and renew and improve working methods and practices within them.

The group discussed how the proposed research questions touched with existing research questions in Sport Pedagogy at each university college/university. Several discussions emerged around more specified questions like the grading and valuing of ‘practise’ (grading and examination), aspects of theory/practice, expanding learning perspectives etc. Kenneth has, in Denmark, started to apply for financial support for the project. The group as a whole answered that the project was of interest and Kenneth will take contact with representatives from the different institutions for possible contribution and cooperation for further applications.

Next step?
A Book project: the group decided that the next step and specific ‘meeting point’ for the network group should be a book project where the focus is on ‘Next practice’ , inspired by the conference last spring at SDU with the same theme. The financing of the next meeting can be reached from several resources including Nordplus’ money for exchanges
Spring 2014 Abstract: dead line spring 2014. Information shall be distributed by Annemari and Suzanne.
Teacher/researcher interested to participate should send in an abstract to
Annemari Svendersen
Suzanne Lundvall

2- 3 October A seminar in Stockholm with authors of the proposed book chapters
Preliminary Content:
Overall theme: NEXT PRACTICE: How do we challenge and develop existing practice?
- What are the content and values underpinning existing practice – and future practice?
- Comparative perspectives on PE? Is there anything Nordic? Why go Nordic?
- What does it means in terms of practice – in what perspective ?
- Describing innovative ideas/projects aiming at expanding knowledge and/or challenging existing (?),
- Comparisons of educational programs, similarities and differences,
- Perspectives of Content and underpinning Values in existing programs at the different institutions.
Different ways of publication was discussed from netbased to a traditional paper back.

/ April 2014
notes taken by
Suzanne Lundvall and Annemari Svendsen

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