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Working Papers

SEBE Working Papers from 2017-

 5/20   The value of naturalness of urban green spaces: Evidence from a discrete choice experiment
Julia Bronnmann, Veronika Liebelt, Fabian Marder, Jasper Meya & Martin Quaas
 4/20    The Cost of Being Unprepared or the Benefit of the Precautionary Principle? Comparing Cost-Benefit COVID-19 Policies and Outcomes in Scandinavia
Brooks A. Kaiser, Henning P. Jørgensen, Lucas Porto Echave-Sustaeta, Maarten J. Punt, Simon Sølvsten, Chris Horbel & Eva Roth
 3/19    Growth, Transition, and Decline in Resource Based Socio-Ecological Systems
Brooks A. Kaiser
 2/19    Seismic shifts from regulations: Spatial trade-offs in marine mammals and the value of information from hydrocarbon seismic surveying
Maarten J. Punt & Brooks A. Kaiser
 1/17    Research Agendas for Profitable Invasive Species
Melina Kourantidou & Brooks A. Kaiser