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VR Lab

The objective of the VR lab is to apply scientific principles to investigate the role of virtual reality (VR) in education and psychology. VR is projected to be the biggest computing platform of all time and has been quoted as being an “empathy machine” that can change the world and revolutionize education. However, for the past century, similar claims have been made for the learning advantages of media ranging from radio, movies, television, and smartphones without great impact. The goal of the VR lab is to uncover empirical evidence for the value of VR in education by conducting evidence based research based on learning theory and the principles of learning from theories like the Cognitive theory of multimedia learning, and Cognitive load theory. It is our goal to:

  • Investigate the effectiveness of using VR in educational and psychological settings.
  • Construct evidence based models that describe the role of VR in educational and psychological settings.
  • Identify research-based principles for how to optimally design VR learning environments.
  • Combine psychometric and biometric methodology to obtain a better understanding of the value of VR

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