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The project goal is to create a new technology for automatic detection of emotions, and apply it to create cutting-edge adaptive learning solutions to enhance science education and corporate laboratory training. 

There is a huge demand for learning products that leverage technology to provide better learning experiences. A primary barrier is the lacking ability of software to emulate a good teacher’s ability to read student emotions and adapt accordingly. By developing and applying a novel technology to capture emotions in real time, we can provide a breakthrough in the field.

The outset of the project is the Facial Action Coding System (FACS; Ekman, 1978). FACS is a system totaxonomizehumanfacial movements by their appearance on the face. Movements of individual facial muscles are encoded by FACS from slight different instant changes in facial appearance. Due to subjectivity and time consumption issues, FACS has been established as a computed automated system. In the current project we will use the newest technology to assess facial movements (read more)

Project Leader

Guido Makransky, Associate Professor


Project employees:

  • Julie Wulff, PhD student.
  • Thomas Terkildsen
  • Magnus Omdahl

Project partners:

The project is financed by:



Last Updated 25.09.2020