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Seven key questions


  • How does Strabo describe pre-Roman Pontos, and how are the new cities portrayed?
  • What is Strabo's view of Roman influence in the region, and what is his attitude towards Roman culture?
  • What parts of Roman civilisation are described in positive terms, and when is Strabo criticising Roman power or the influence of Roman culture?
  • Does Strabo have a cultural theory of his own, or do his judgements reflect topoi taken from the works of other authors, e.g. Poseidonios?
  • Did Strabo write what he actually meant or what he thought his readers wanted to hear?
  • The genre of Strabo: is he a geographer or a historian?
  • The value of Strabo as a source for the early history of the Pompeian cities, especially Neoklaudiopolis and Pompeiopolis.

Last Updated 16.08.2016