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The urban environment: the topography of Neoklaudiopolis

Tønnes Bekker-Nielsen

Though the inscriptions and antiquities of Vezirköprü attracted the attention of archaeologists as early as the nineteenth century, the history of Roman Neoklaudiopolis has yet to be written and local heritage awareness is low. Only a few of the many stray finds turning up in fields or on building sites are recorded. During a trial survey undertaken in April 2010 within the framework of the Nerik-Oymaağaç project more than a hundred substantial architectural fragments were registered within an area c. 750x750m within the city.

The excavations of Pompeiopolis, Neoklaudiopolis' sister city west of the Halys, by a team from the University of Munich led by Dr Latife Summerer will provide a point of reference for interpreting the finds from Neoklaudiopolis.

Last Updated 16.08.2016