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Research themes


  • A re-evaluation of the early spread of Christianity in Pontos (on the bases of Gregory Thaumatourgos and the Cappadocian fathers), particularly the evidence concerning inland cities of Pontos.
  • An assessment of the penetration of Christianity in the area from gravestone statistics.
  • Mapping the topography of bishoprics and other Christian centres, the main issues being the continuity or break with the ancient city structure, and the possible survival of provincial borders or koinon boundaries.
  • An investigation into possible references to the newly (April 2010) discovered Byzantine church on the outskirts of Neoklaudiopolis.
  • An identification of church councils delegates in funeral inscriptions, in order to establish the relative importance of cities and areas.
  • An exploration of the cult of the military saint Theodore Tiro, as a possible 'local' saint of Pontos.

Last Updated 16.08.2016