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Cultural Encounters

The research programme Cultural Encounters is an interdisciplinary forum for faculty members at the Department of History. The forum provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and research outcomes aiming at mutual inspiration for all interested. The group meets during the semester for presentations, talks and discussions either by group members or colleagues from other universities in the country or abroad. We also meet to read and engage in critical discussion of group members’ manuscripts. The members of the cultural encounters group belong at the following centres and fields of study: History, American Studies, Middle East Studies, Classical Studies and Religion.

The group shares an interest in what happens when people move in time and place. Phenomena and concepts related to migration, cultural transformation and exchange are central to the research conducted by group members. Within the group, we find a wide range of understandings, interpretations and uses of culture, cultural encounter, place and space and also diverse sources as to how these are informed empirically. The group’s members work historically, sociologically and anthropologically and the material ranges from classical coins and the exchange hereof, over cartographic documentation of land reforms, 17th Century seafaring traditions to challenges related to the social and political integration of ethnic minorities in contemporary Europe.

Besides and interest in cultural practices and practice changes across time and place, the group has one main criterion for success: Participation should be fun and academically fulfilling. Therefore, participation is not compulsory but everyone who can find the time and courage – and who has the occasional good idea for an event or topic –is more than welcome.


This semester, we have one event in English:
12. oktober, kl. 10:00-12:00
Department of History Address 2018
David Runciman, Cambridge University: How Democracy ends
Please sign up via this link:
Venua: O100 by the main entrance of campus.

Head of programme
Associate professor Kirstine Sinclair
Tel: +45 6550 2249

Last Updated 02.07.2018