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Opt-in/opt-out process

Opt-in/opt-out process at the Humanities

SDU’s Executive Board implements an opt-in/opt-out process in the first quarter of 2018 for the entire university to ensure that SDU’s finances are balanced in the future. The opt-in/opt-out process will not cause staff reductions at the Humanities in 2018.

SDU’s finances in the subsequent years will be effected by falling educational earnings and the government’s 2 per cent budget costs that will continue until 2021. The Executive Board is therefore implementing a coordinated opt-in/opt-out process for the entire university in the first quarter of 2018. 

As part of the current opt-in/opt-out process at SDU, it has been decided to return DKK 50 million to the decentralized areas. Meaning that the Humanities will avoid staff reductions as part of the opt-in/opt-out process 2018.


This however does not change the fact, that some faculties are affected more than others of the new economic outlook. The differences between the faculties means, that the opt-in/opt-out options will not be evenly distributed at SDU.


Here are the important milestones during the opt-in/opt-out process both at the Humanities and SDU:

  • 24 November 2017: Extraordinary meeting with the Institute Chairmen and Liaison Committee Meeting at The Humanities.
  • 30 November 2017: Planning the meeting in The Academic Board 12 December (Chairman, student representative, Dean)
  • 1 December 2017: The Executive Board informs about SDU’s finances (e-mail)
  • 12 December 2017: Meeting in The Academic Board at the Humanities.
  • 19 December 2017: Meeting with the Institute Chairmen at the Humanities.
  • 8 January 2018: Institutes at the Humanities report proposals for opt-in/opt-out.
  • 11 January 2018: Liaison Committee Meeting and meeting in The Academic Board at the Humanities.
  • Beginning of February: Faculties and Central Administration report proposals for opt-in/opt-out (general proposals).
  • Middle of February: The University Council and the Central Liaison Committee discuss general proposals.
  • End of February: The Executive Board decides on opt-in/opt-out with a view to submitting to the Board and a hearing in the University Council and the Central Liaison Committee.
  • Middle of March: Hearing in the University Council and the Central Liaison Committee before submitting proposals to the Board.
  • Beginning of April: The Board approves proposal for long-term plan for SDU.


I’m looking forward to receiving your opt-in/opt-out proposals to ensure that the finances at the Humanities programme are balanced in the future.


And I would like to thank you for your contribution in 2017 and wish you and your family happy holidays.


Best regards

Simon Møberg Torp, Dean.

Editing was completed: 18.12.2017