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Collaboration with business and society

The International Business & Entrepreneurship group has a long tradition for interaction with stakeholders outside the university. This collaboration often takes the form of students’ projects in which master student contribute to businesses by solving actual challenges in their international market activities. More than a decade ago, members of the group established the initiative Viden-til-vækst (Knowledge for growth) which is still an important platform for collaboration between the university and regional stakeholders outside the university. Viden-til-vækst is now organized centrally by the University of Southern Denmark and covers all faculties and campuses.

For many years the Born Global Network has been a platform for very close interaction with 15-20 firms that have been selected by three local business networks. The aim of the network is to dissimilate knowledge on international entrepreneurship and start-ups into a group of small and medium-sized firms in the region in order to enhance their success in expanding on global markets. The project is an interaction between researchers, firms and the export support system. The project is sponsored by The Science and Enterprise Network, an initiative aiming at promoting networks between scientists and small firms.   

The M-Commerce project was a joint venture between Aalborg University, Aarhus University, and University of Southern Denmark and business service organizations and companies in the three regions west of the Great Belt (Funen and Jutland). The project focused on the development of new business models on the basis of mobile technologies and devices.  A practitioner oriented publication is: Jørgensen, Frances, John Parm Ulhøi, Martin Hannibal Knudsen, Erik Stavnsager Rasmussen (2010). Netværksetableringens betydning for SMV'eres innovationsevne: Eksemplificeret ved m-commercesektoren. I: Børsen Ledelseshåndbøger: Innovations- og forandringsledelse. / red. John Parm Ulhøi. København: Børsen Forum A/S, 1-18.

In addition to the collaboration mentioned above, members of the group have conducted several analyses of (international) growth possibilities for industry. These analyses have been funded by different for local, regional and national stakeholders. The resulting reports and white papers have been input for decision making in organizations and political communities in Odense, the region of Southern Denmark, and at the national plan. Selected publications are:

Tage Koed Madsen and Jan Møller Jensen (2008). Odenseanske virksomheders profil, vilkår og synspunkter. Udviklingsforum Odense (76 pages). In Danish.

Tage Koed Madsen, Erik S. Rasmussen, Per Servais, Hans Eibe Sørensen and Nikolaj Cederquist (2006). Muligheder for vækst i dansk eksport. Danmarks Eksportråd (69 pages). In Danish.

Per Servais and Jan Møller Jensen. Virksomhedernes Lokalisering, en oversigtrapport; CESFO Working-paper 1/2006. In Danish.

Tage Koed Madsen (1990).Udviklingsmuligheder for fynsk erhvervsliv i lyset af den faste Storebæltsforbindelse og EF's indre marked. Den Fynske Fond for Erhvervsøkonomisk Forskning (204 pages). In Danish.  

Klaus Møller Hansen, Tage Koed Madsen, Kim Møller and Jesper Strandskov (1988):
EKSPORTEN UNDER OMVURDERING - en erhvervsøkonomisk analyse af dansk erhvervslivs internationalisering. Danmarks Sparekasseforening (211 pages). In Danish.

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