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International Business & Entrepreneurship

International Business & Entrepreneurship

IBE’s research brings focus to emerging market dynamics and industry 4.0 effects in core research areas of international business and international entrepreneurship with a particular interest in SME and international new venture. This research agenda has been pushed through international positioning and collaboration with other established – primarily Scandinavian – research groups.
The goal of the research group is to contribute to an improved understanding of

  • Internationalization of SMEs and new ventures
  • Internationalization potentials in relation to novel technologies
  • Emerging market dynamics – in particular, internationalization potentials of SMEs and new ventures in relation to novel technologies in this market context

Accordingly, IBE research involves studies into the emergence and growth of firms in diverse international markets and brings insights to the organization of marketing and strategic activities within the firm and through the interplay with other actors.



The Fourteenth McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference 
In September 2011 the research group proudly hosted The Fourteenth McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference . For three days almost 90 of the world’s leading researchers in International Entrepreneurship were gathered in Odense. In 2014 the group arranged a similar conference with almost 60 participants.


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Last Updated 02.02.2023