Performance, Incentives and Competition in Health Care

Coordinator: Christian Kronborg 

The organisation and regulation of a health care system implies a number of financial as well as non-financial incentives, which affect the behaviour of hospitals and health care providers. It is the aim of this research programme to accumulate knowledge within this area and to improve the understanding of how incentives and regulation influence behaviour and performance of health care organisations and health professionals.

In addition we study the influence of regulation on health care utilisation. This includes health insurance coverage, user charges and subsidies or reimbursement of health care and pharmaceutical expenditures.

See selected research projects:

  •  Equity effects of disease management programmes in primary care. Contact: Kim Rose Olsen
  • Competition in the primary health care sector.
    Contact: Kjeld Møller Pedersen
  • Can Design of Capitation-Based Payment Systems Affect Physicians’ Prioritisation of High-Need Patients? Contact: Anne Sophie Oxholm
  • User charges for sterilisation and assisted reproductive technology. Contact: Christian Kronborg
  • Improvement of primary care supported by remuneration schemes. A randomized controlled trial. Contact: Kim Rose Olsen
  • The effect of accreditation in general practice.
    Contact: Line Bjørnskov Pedersen

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