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Educational development

SDU UP  is involved in education and teaching development widely at SDU. We will provide input and sparring, if you as an individual teacher have an idea for a new teaching method, that you would like to try out; if you as a lecturer group have a common challenge to create coherence between your courses; or if you as a director of studies would like to receive help in connection with the revision of programme regulations – or anything else related to university teaching and learning.

Development projects
SDU UP is in charge of the allocation of SDU funds for Spearhead projects and E-learning projects. In the spots to the right you can read about the two types of projects and about the project ideas that have already received funding.

Development activities

  • Report (in Danish): Experiences at SDU with online teaching during the COVID19 lockdown (pdf-file)
    In the spring semester of 2020, as a result of the COVID19-shutdown, SDU transformed all face-2-face teaching into online teaching. In this report, head of studies and teachers at SDU share their experiences with the transformation to online teaching and the challenges they met during this process. Please note, that the purpose of the report is not the evaluate the applicability of online teaching in general –  the differences are much too big between the acute transformation during the shutdown period and online teaching in general.
  • Checklist: Standards for good online teaching – and how to live up to it (pdf-file)
    During the COVID19 lockdown many teachers have in an impressive way acquired basic technical skills to teach online. But we have also experienced how speedy conversion to online teaching has made it difficult to maintain good relations and interactions with the students and keep up the motivation among both students and teachers. Fortunately, in the future we will have better opportunities to plan online teaching and thereby have better success in keeping up both motivation and activity level during the entire teaching courses.  This check list will help you plan, implement and evaluate your online teaching,  for the benefit of your students’ learning.

    As a starting point, your teaching is based on SDU’s underlying principle of education, that is Active Teaching and Learning. 
  • Memo: Overall recommendations at curriculum level to reduce drop-out (pdf-file - only in Danish)
    The memo which is based on a survey of research on university teaching and learning, contains 4 principles: i.e. even spread of the exam burden, fewer parallel courses, better feedback, and activating students. For each principle, the memo includes a (non-exhaustive) series of examples of the implementation of the principle. 

Last Updated 16.02.2024