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You will find information and inspiration for  adressing bias, study groups, curriculum development, learning objectives, teaching in labs, facilitating meetings and groups etc. You will also find a blog with reflections on teaching and learning. Interested from outside of SDU are kindly asked to contact to get access to the site. 

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Tools for Developing Assessment methods, VUE, is a web-based tool for teachers, heads of study and other educational developers to get inspired on assessment methods and their relation to learning objectives.

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Tools for Developing Feedback activities, VUF, is a web-based tool for teachers, heads of study and other educational developers
to get inspired on feedback methods activities. 

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The purpose of this page is to inspire you on how to implement the Underlying principles of Education at SDU in your teaching and your students' learning processes. This page will open the diversity of teaching methods and provide you with a lot of good advice and resources to get started.

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Employabilitet i undervisningen


The employability guide is an inspiration tool for teachers to integrate employability in their teaching.

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Teaching Innovation and/or Entrepreneurship at SDU? Here you find SDU support centers, videos, tools, and references for your inspiration! Also, take a look at videos that you can use directly in your teaching.

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This web resource presents talking heads' videos where project partners explain their motivation for developing students’ intercultural competences.  Each video is accompanied by an action plan and a checklists for your own ITC projects.

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Get inspired by SDU’s Pedagogic Ambassadors, who have successfully experimented with different ways to engage 
students with their learning. 

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The Unlimited Thinking and Teaching website offers insights and resources on bias aware teaching and learning.

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How to teach courses online (Teachonline)

Info on good, online teaching, courses and webinars, and support

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Get ready for itslearning

Written guides and videos on itslearning

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Inspiration for face-to-face teaching

It is now time to rediscover good face-to-face teaching and returning to the classroom follows an inspirational list.

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A Framework for Guidance for New International teachers at SDU

SDU UP has offered SDU faculties this framework for Guidance for New International teachers at SDU. You can find a selection of relevant links in the guidance.

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Last Updated 26.04.2024