Centre for Tourism, Innovation and Culture (TIC)

Tourism research at SDU is a collaborative endeavour between the Centre for Tourism, Innovation and Culture (TIC), SDU Design and the Danish Centre for Rural Research, illustrated below. The key research themes are identified, the majority of which are centred on sustainable tourism development. Note that the allocation of the three research centres does not represent actual practice, as both SDU Design and the Danish Centre for Rural Research have much broader research portfolios. The three centres form the underpinning of our unique research and educational environment, which thrives on multi- and interdisciplinarity to innovatively address specific tourism and larger societal challenges.

SDU tourism has demonstrated excellence in tourism education and research at national and international levels. Publication and dissemination of tourism education practices have not received due attention.

The aims of the multi-disciplinary research Centre for Tourism, Innovation and Culture (TIC) to facilitate knowledge and assist in co-designing of sustainable tourism development. Researchers from the humanities, social sciences and engineering specialise in

-          destination development

-          innovation and web 2.0

-          business tourism, B2B marketing and competence 


-          festivals and events

-          quality of life

-          interpretation of cultural inheritance and natural assets

-          rural tourism and gastronomy

-          tourism higher education and blended learning

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