Combining top-down and bottom-up processing for complex systems with control on a nanometric scale.

The overarching field of the centre is nanotechnology with special emphasis on thin films, device development from organic molecules, nanofabrication and nanophotonics. We combine fundamental research on film growth and investigation of charge transport and transfer processes with applied research on device fabrication and characterization, including micro- and nanofabrication.

We focus our research on improving the performance of device incl. their reliability and stability, as well as on up-scaling, and bridge the academic field to industrial development. Here, devices from organic molecules and polymers include solar cells, transistors, diodes, and sensors.

Thin films are grown from organic and inorganic compounds. Organic molecules self-assemble into nanoscopic aggregates with special optical features. We investigate their properties by diffraction techniques, scanning probe microscopies such as scanning electron and scanning ion microscopies, and coherent as well as incoherent optical techniques. Furthermore, we focus on basic and applied research in nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics, which are interdisciplinary research areas concerned with the generation and manipulation of electromagnetic excitations at the sub-wavelength scale.

Head of SDU NanoSYD

Horst-Günter Rubahn

Horst-Günter Rubahn

Professor Dr. habil
Phone +45 6011 3517

NIBS conference 2019

Nanotechnology and Innovation in the Baltic Sea Region

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