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Danish Centre for Rural Research

CLF is an integrated part of the Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics and is situated at campus Esbjerg. CLF was established in 2001 with the purpose of enhancing the knowledge base about rural development.


The Centre works with three main areas of research:

1) Economic development and innovation in rural areas

2) Living conditions, migration and social issues

3) Rural policy, governance and participation in rural areas.


In particular, the studies address the EU rural policy initiatives and their implementation in Denmark. CLF is an interdisciplinary centre with 12 researchers from backgrounds in sociology, anthropology, economics, political studies, and planning.


The connected researchers hold major responsibility for a Bachelor and  MSc in Sociology and Cultural Analysis and are involved in  MSc in Economics and Business Administration, Sport and Event Management, MSc in Economics and Business Administration, Energy Management and  MSc in Environmental and Resource Management.


CLF is reaching approx. half of its funding from external funds and holds a strong tradition for external cooperation with stakeholders, NGO’s governmental bodies and researchers both nationally and internationally and has been involved in a range of EU funded projects.