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Upcoming and Recent Events

26.05.2021 - D-IAS Lecture
Jeppe Nevers: Historicizing Capitalism – Why and How?

14.04.2021 - D-IAS Lecture
Bo Elberling: The Arctic carbon budget: links to thawing permafrost and plant growth

24.03.2021 - D-IAS Lecture
Paul Richard Sharp: Denmark and the Renaissance of Economic History

27.01.2021 - Ph.d.-defence - Lise Lolle Holm
Global identification and characterization of in vivo binding sites for the major splicing regulator HNRNP A/B in human disease genes.

27.01.2021 - Master exam - Janusa Vijayathurai 
Single-cell Network Inference with Generalized RNA Velocity on Transdifferentiating Hepatic Stellate Cells 

22.01.2021 - Master exam - Line Nørregaard Falcon
Theoretical analysis of centrosome proteins using CRISPR-based methods

14.01.2021 - Master exam -  Abdurahman Hassan Abdurahman Kuku 
Investigating the GABAergic principal neurons that express ARC/Arg3.1 in the Lateral Septum. 

21.12.2020- Ph.d.-defence - Bjarne Thorsted
Deep Learning-Based Diagnostics of Head and Neck Cancers Using Coherent Raman Scattering Microscopy

16.12.2020 - Christmas department forum 1.00-2.30 pm

16.12.2020 - D-IAS Idea
Nina Bonderup Dahn: (More information to come)

09.12.2020 - D-IAS Lecture
Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen: (More information to come)

02.12.20 - Ph.d. defence - Signe Krogh Thoke
Involvement of centrosome assembly and centrosome aberration in cancer

02.12.2020 - D-IAS Lecture
Pirjo Markkola: History of Child Welfare as a Present Political Concern

18.11.2020 - D-IAS Lecture
Hulmin Zhao: Directed Evolution for Fun and Profit

11.11.2020 - D-IAS Idea
Marco Ragni: Why the average reasoner does not exist: Cognitive models of the individual reasoner

05.11.2020 - Department Forum

04.11.2020 - D-IAS Idea
Jesper Bonnet Møller: The microbiota and its impact on human health and disease 

28.10.2020 - D-IAS Lecture
Carsten Rahbek: Why is Earth is biological rich - the role og mountains

21.10.2020 - D-IAS Lecture
Juliet Schor: The Sharing Economy: techno-dystopia or cyber-liberation?

09.10.2020 - SDU moves
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07.10.2020 - D-IAS Lecture
Herta Müller: Nobel Prize in Literature 2009; lecture, interview and reading from The Hunger Angel

30.09.2020 - D-IAS Lecture
Petra Arek: Pregnancy-acquired health and disease in offspring: Mechanisms and Mediators

25.09.2020 - Dean's corner

23.09.2020 - D-IAS Lecture
Rita Felski: Hooked: Art and Attachment

21.09.2020 - Full day Teaching Seminar for PIs

16.09.2020 - D-IAS Lecture
Sten Rynning: Losing? The West and Modern War

09.09.2020 - D-IAS Lecture
Lone Simonsen: A close quantitative look at the COVID-19 pandemic, placed in the context of historical pandemics

04.09.2020 - Welcome meeting for new Computational Biomedicine (MSc) students

04.09.2020 - Department Forum

01.09.2020 - Semester start

11.06.2020 - PhD defence - Komal Kumari Mandal
T cell receptor signaling elucidated by mass spectrometry-based PTMomics

02.06.2020 - PhD defence - Lasse Kruse Markussen
Brown adipocytes at the metabolism-transcription interface

14.05.2020 - PhD defence - Jakub Zbigniew Kaczmarek
Igy antibodies – potential diagnostic and therapeutic

30.04.2020 - ATLAS & Functional Genomics & Metabolism Joint Distinguished Seminar
A First Draft of the Heart Cell Atlas

17.03.2020 - ATLAS & Functional Genomics & Metabolism Joint Distinguished Seminar
Adipose Tissue as an Endocrine Organ – Adipokines Acting in Harmony and Dissonance

06.03.2020 - PhD defence - Inga Boll
Characterisation of signalling in nerve terminals

06.03.2020 - BMB Distinguished Seminar Series - Julieta Alfonso
Acyl-CoA Binding Protein: a multifunctional protein involved in neurogenesis and gliomagenesis

28.02.2020 - Distinguished Seminar  - Christopher Ellis
August Krogh on Tour

21.02.2020 -  Functional Genomics & Metabolism Distinguished Seminar
Long non-coding RNAs regulate cellular identity in pancreas development and cancer

20.02.2020 - BMB Distinguished Seminar Series - Julius Fredens
Rewriting the Genetic Code

17.02.2020 - PhD defence - Loreta Bllaci 
Affinity enrichment strategies to explore the cellular phosphoproteome

13.02.2020 - Gæsteforelæsning med Emanuele Buratti
Linking RNA Binding Protein functions to ALS/FTLD pathology

13.02.2020 - Gæsteforelæsning med Luca Cartegni
Splice Switching as Potential Cancer Therapy: Activation of Therapeutic RTK Variants by Splicing Interference

12.02.2020 - PhD defence - Anne-Mette Hartung
Pre-mRNA splicing mutations in human disease: from their basic characterization to the development of novel antisense-based therapeutic strategies

07.02.2020 - Seminar by Dr. Heiko Wurdak
Elucidating Brain Tumour Biology with Stem Cells and Small Molecules

06.02.2020 - Master exam - Sarah Mujinga Kateta
Glatiramer Acetate: Mechanisms of action post-stroke.

06.02.2020 - Functional Genomics & Metabolism Distinguished Seminar
Transcriptional termination and links to RNA processing/decay pathways

04.02.2020 - Master exam - Sohail Mohammad Nasseri
Distribution of intrinsic spinal sensory neurons in different animal species.

31.01.2020 - Master exam - Peter Toft Jensen
Characterization of specific ubiquitin chain types

31.01.2020 - Master exam - Eva Frederikke Høy Helms 
Factors Affecting Mitochondrial Respiratory Capacity in Human Adipose Tissue - a Method Study and an Intervention Study

29.01.2020 - Master exam - Atenisa Caci
Analysis of sterol transport between cell membranes by Aster proteins

29.01.2020 - Master exam - Emil Christian Sindberg
Direct Observation and Molecular Characterization of Intracellular Sterol Transport by Aster Proteins

23.01.2020 - Master exam - Mathilde Jørgensen
Regulation of glucokinase expression in hepatocytes by the glucocorticoid receptor

21.01.2020 - Master exam - Mikkel K. D. Larsen
Lav eller høj-intens træning i fastende eller ikke-fastende tilstand for fedttab i overvægtige

17.01.2020  - Master exam - Emilie Boye Lester
Detection of repeat expansions in the human genome using two different whole genome sequencing approaches.

15.01.2020 - SDU/OUH Cancer Symposium 2020