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Upcoming and Recent Events

17.11.2021 - D-IAS Lecture
Birgitte Kallipolitis: Anti-virulence therapy: a future strategy for combating pathogenic bacteria?

10.11.2021 - D-IAS Lecture
Moustapha Kassem, Head of Research at Molecular Endocrinology Unit (KMEB) at SDU

03.11.2021 -D-IAS Lecture
Mihai Netea: Trained immunity: a memory for innate host defense

27.10.2021 - D-IAS Lecture
Jasmin Kafai: Designing for Failure

13.10.2021 - D-IAS Lecture
Mary O'Sullivan: History of Capitalism: Profit and Power in Late 18th Century British Capitalism

24.09.2021 - Master exam - Zohal Barekzay - U-CPH
Application of microhaplotypes in forensic genetics 

31.08.2021 - Ph.d.-defence - Alice Dupont Juhl
The Role of Niemann Pick C2 Protein in Cellular Cholesterol Homeostasis

18.06.2021 - Ph.d.-defence - Stine Duelund Kaas Christensen
The role and assessment of secreted extracellular vesicles in stem cell biology

04.06.2021 - Ph.d.-defence - Ignacio Arribas Diez
Novel Affinity Enrichment Tools for Post-Translational Modification Analysis and Cell Signaling Research

31.05.2021 -  Ph.d.-defence - Mette Hyldahl
Gene regulation during lineage commitment

26.05.2021 - D-IAS Lecture
Jeppe Nevers: Historicizing Capitalism – Why and How?

29.04.2021 - Master exam - Caroline  Katja Havegaard Skands
Effects of aldosterone on macrophage polarization in chronic kidney injury

29.04.2021 - Master exam - Jonas Emil Larsen
Plasticity of cholinergic system in the spinal cord following traumatic brain injury

26.04.2021 - Master exam -  Emma Adine Hoxer Scott
Identification of transcriptional programs driving reversion of hepatic myofibroblasts in WDdiet in-duced NASH 

23.04.2021 - Master exam - Nanna Bau-Madsen
Investigation and optimization of using Kras-Targeting SSO in cancer cells 

15.04.2021 - PhD defence - Stine Marie Præstholm
Regulation of hepatic transcription by nuclear hormone receptors

14.04.2021 - D-IAS Lecture
Bo Elberling: The Arctic carbon budget: links to thawing permafrost and plant growth

31.03.2021 - Master exam - Elma Barudzija
Characterization of metabolic function of ADCY3 isoform in brown adipocytes

31.03.2021 - Master exam - Kamilla Holtmann Hejn
Fibrosis The in vivo Activation of Gs-coupled DREADD Receptor in HSCs in a Mouse Model of Liver 

29.03.2021 - Master exam - Natalie Nanette Willadsen
Studies on the effects of angiotensin AT1-receptor antagonists and angiotensin AT2-receptor  agonists and the combination thereof on vascular tone in mouse mesenteric arteries

26.03.2021 - Master exam - Katrine Jørgensen
Exploring the regulatory effects of naturally occurring free fatty acids in Listeria monocytogenes

24.03.2021 - D-IAS Lecture
Paul Richard Sharp: Denmark and the Renaissance of Economic History

18.03.2021 - Dean’s corner at BMB

05.03.2021 - Ph.d.-defence - Koyel Ghosh
Regulation of Caulobacter crescentus cell-Cycle and DNA damage response by Toxin-Antitoxin system

05.03.2021 - Master exam - Jebunnahar Mishu
Is Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma (CTCL) an epigenetic disease?

02.03.2021 - Ph.d.-defence - Pernille Kronholm Rasmussen
Evolutionary conservation of ribosomal RNA modifications

26.02.2021 - Master exam - Tine Sørensen
Exploring Oxford Nanopore Technologies Long-Read Sequencing Strategies and Haplotype Phasing Methods for determining Tandem Repeat Expansion Length for HTT and FMR1

22.02.2021 - Master exam - Jesper Hjuler Thorøe
Theoretical analysis of centrosome proteins using CRISPR-based methods

22.02.2021 - Sustainability Live Session 

19.02.2021 Master exam - Tine Nielsen
Determination of structural elements important for the activity of calreticulin

29.01.2021 - Departmentforum 10-11.00 am

27.01.2021 - Ph.d.-defence - Lise Lolle Holm
Global identification and characterization of in vivo binding sites for the major splicing regulator HNRNP A/B in human disease genes.

27.01.2021 - Master exam - Janusa Vijayathurai 
Single-cell Network Inference with Generalized RNA Velocity on Transdifferentiating Hepatic Stellate Cells 

22.01.2021 - Master exam - Line Nørregaard Falcon
Theoretical analysis of centrosome proteins using CRISPR-based methods

14.01.2021 - Master exam -  Abdurahman Hassan Abdurahman Kuku 
Investigating the GABAergic principal neurons that express ARC/Arg3.1 in the Lateral Septum. 

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