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The Purpose of the Education Committees

18 education committees have been established at the Faculty of Engineering covering all engineering and other higher education study programmes.

Each education committee comprises the Head of Programme, who is chairman of the committee, a number of researchers and teachers from the academic environments which are part of the study programme. Study programmes in which substantial parts of the programme are offered by other faculties than the Faculty of Engineering, those faculties will also be represented.

The education committees serve as unifying academic forums for educational development for the study programmes. The committees are expected to take initiative in connection with activities to ensure that the offered study programme is continually developed to be on par with the development in the scientific field. Thus, the committees must, as required, develop and/or consider suggestions for new or changes to existing curricula, semester descriptions, course descriptions, etc., with a view to submitting these to the Academic Study Board.

Furthermore, the education committees must discuss the results of the semester evaluations carried out in the study programme.

The education committees must also be available for the programme coordinator, the Academic Study Board and the director of studies to consider other education related cases which require a specific academic assessment.

Expected frequency of meetings is 2-3 meetings per semester.