Education Forum

As of 1 February 2010 a cross-faculty education forum is established. The members of the forum are director of studies Henning Andersen, educational consultant Jørgen Bro Røn who undertakes the secretarial duties for the education forum, the head of section of TEK – Education and Quality as well as the Heads of Programme of the 17 education committees.

Other scientific or administrative staff will be invited as needed.

The purpose with the education forum is to create one unified forum for coordinated development of the faculty’s study programmes and for teaching.

Thus, the education forum is tasked with contributing to the continued dynamic discussion about education development at the faculty.

The meetings in the education forum will be theme based e.g. about pedagogy, DSMI, evaluation and accreditation, forms of tests and examinations, and similar general themes of interest and relevance to all study programmes.

At the same time the education forum also serves as forum for discussion of general administration issues of interest to the programme coordinators.

Expected frequency of meetings is three meetings per semester.