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Education Forum

The Faculty's Education Forum (TEK-UF)

In the Faculty's Education Forum, the development of educations and the overall framework for the educations across the entire TEK are discussed and coordinated. The Director of Studies is the chairman and all Heads of Programme and Heads of Department are members. The meetings are also attended by selected administrative staff from the faculty. Other scientific or administrative staff are invited to the meetings as needed. The purpose with the Education Forum is to create one unified forum for coordinated development of the faculty’s study programmes and for teaching.

The purpose of the Education Forum is thus to contribute to a lively debate on educational development at the faculty.

The meetings in the Education Forum are themed and can e.g. deal with pedagogy, DSMI, evaluation and accreditation, examination and examination forms as well as corresponding general topics of interest and relevance for all educations.
At the same time, Education Forums also serve as a forum for discussion of overall operational education issues of interest to education leaders and department heads.

The expected frequency of meetings of the Education Forum is three meetings per term.

Institute Education Programme

In the individual institute's Education Forums, development needs and opportunities for the institute's educations are discussed, including mixed classes across the programmes. The Head of Department leads the Institute's Education Forum and all the Heads of Programme for the Institute's educations are members.

The Heads of Department convene the Education Forums of their institutes as needed. The frequency of meetings will therefore vary from institute to institute and depend on the current education agendas.

Last Updated 09.07.2021