TEK Sustainability Forum

The TEK Sustainability Forum will soon present ”TEK Sustainability lounges”: Internal forums for informal discussion in relation to the SDGs. 

The plan is to invite all staff at the faculty to four events a year (two in 2020). 

Members of TEK Sustainability Forum planning group:

  • Senior Advisor Søren Elmer Kristensen (Chairman)
  • PhD student Anders Winther Mortensen
  • Professor Jan Vang
  • Special Advisor Katharina Rubahn
  • Associate Professor Kjeld Jensen
  • Professor Morten Birkved 
  • Student Morten Bork Lyndgaard (SIF)
  • Associate Professor Erik Skov Madsen
  • Associate Professor Marianne Harbo Frederiksen
  • Special Advisor Mette Christina Møller Andersen
  • Special Advisor Niels Michael Johansen
  • Associate Professor Oliver Niebuhr
  • Assistant Lecturer Steffen Kjær Johansen
  • Student Caroline Stokkebro Bech
  •  Student Nanna Rahbek Jørgensen

For more information please contact Søren Elmer Kristensen at sek@tek.sdu.dk or Niels Michael Johansen at nimp@tek.sdu.dk.

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How can TEK work with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

Please share your ideas!