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Infomeetings with the Nat-Tech Panel of the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the 4th of November, 2020, 9:45-11:45

The Novo Nordisk Foundation’s (NNF) is visiting SDU on 4.11.2020 (9:45-11:15) to introduce their new Nat-Tech programme.
Please attend and get a better understand of the calls and the scope of the Nat-Tech programme.
This will allow you understand if and how the Nat-Tech calls are relevant for you.
Date: 4.11.2020
Time: 09:45 – 11:15
Venue (hybrid): D-IAS auditorium* (V24-501a-0) & online via zoom;
*84 participants due to COVID-19 restrictions – therefore registration is required.
Register using the link on the right.
- More information, an agenda and the zoom link will follow upon sig-up and prior the event.
- Please share with relevant people in your Department/Group at NAT/SDU.
NNF will present the following calls that are within Nat-Tech or across disciplines, and have an application deadline within the next six months, this will be followed by a Q&A session:
The Research Infrastructure Programme (only in Nat-Tech this year – link to old call)
The Interdisciplinary Synergy Programmes (link1, link2 from old calls)
The Data Science Initiative Porgrammes (overview)
more upon request
Q&A (I suggest to collect question questions before the event, we send them to NNF allowing them to address them during the meeting. Please send you questions to Erica
The objective of Nat-Tech is to catalyse natural and technical science research, particularly in fields with potential interdisciplinary application to the life and health sciences and biotechnology (in the broadest sense). They aim to reach an annual pay-out of DKK 750 million in 2023, with approximately half of this amount being offered in open competition. The Nat-Tech programme focuses on “nature and technical research” and complements the other NNF programmes (see below), meaning the Nat-Tech focuses on the “non health and non-bio-tech and non patient-care” areas (such fields as chemistry, physics, information technology and Interdisciplinarity)
In brief: If you research falls into the other 3 programmes you might not be in scope of the Nat-tech programme.
1) BioMed -Biomedical and health science research
2) Patient Care -Patient-centred and research based care
3) Bio-Tech - Life science research and industrial applications promoting sustainability
4) Nat-Tech - Natural and technical science research and interdisciplinarity
Below a short feature about the funding activities of the Novo Nordisk Foundation:
The Novo Nordisk Foundation provides support for high-quality research and research talents. The support is offered through a range of different open competition instruments. In 2019, the Foundation awarded DKK 4.9 billion, of which DKK 908 million was awarded within the Nat-Tech focus areas, and increase their pay out from DKK 1.7 billion in 2018 to DKK 3.6 billion in 2019. Measured alone in grants awarded in open competition, this makes the Novo Nordisk Foundation the largest research funding foundation in Denmark.
The types of grant vary greatly. For example, almost half a billion kroner is awarded annually under the Challenge Programme's research themes calling for answers to global challenges within health and technology. The smallest type of grant, of DKK 300,000 annually, is awarded for symposia.


'Ecosystems of research funding'
One characteristic of the way the Novo Nordisk Foundation works is that they create 'ecosystems' of research funding within selected subject areas. Typically, a five-leafed clover comprising funds for postdocs, three career grants at different career levels and project funding. This currently applies to endocrinology and metabolism, data science, bioscience and biomedicine, clinical research, biotechnology, clinical nursing research and art history.
Ongoing development of types of grant
The Novo Nordisk Foundation is continuously experimenting with the development of new types of grant which, if they prove effective, are disseminated across the subject areas supported by the foundation. Some of the more recent new types of grant include NERD, which is to give researchers long-term undisturbed opportunity to develop excellent research ideas.
The Novo Nordisk Foudations strategy and goals - read here.
The Novo Nordisk Foundations funding areas - read here.
The Novo Nordisk Foundations calls – read here.
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