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About SDU

It starts with the talent

Our purpose is to create value for and with society

The University of Southern Denmark exists to solve major societal challenges. Whether our contribution is research-based knowledge, innovative solutions, education or learning, we must make a positive difference to society and help create a sustainable future.

Why we must ensure the highest international quality
We must deliver research, education programmes and collaborations of the highest international quality. Value creation is inextricably linked to high quality. Research excellence is particularly important. Research-based recognition is the foundation on which the University’s activities and initiatives rest.

We do this by cultivating talent and creating the best environments
It is therefore crucial that the University of Southern Denmark is able to retain, develop and recruit talented people and create outstanding environments. At the same time, we need to ensure consistently high quality in all our activities – and we can only do that with the right people. The University’s researchers, lecturers, students, managers and technical/administrative staff are the foundation of our success.

Editing was completed: 02.11.2023