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The Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics celebrates its 50th anniversary with a one-week intensive conference programme

The Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a string of events 23-27 August. The programme emphasises the department’s manifold involvement in socially relevant research areas.

Sports, culture and society

The anniversary week begins with a two-day conference focusing on sports research relating to humanities and social sciences. At the conference, a number of Denmark’s most prominent sports researchers will contribute with presentations that place sports and the concept of sports in a larger societal context.

The conference ‘Sports, culture and society’ will take place on Monday and Tuesday 23-24 August in Odense and is arranged in a collaboration between the humanities and social sciences research units of the department.

Healthy muscles and joints

The conference ‘Exercise is medicine for muscle and joint health – moving with the past into the future’ focuses on how physical activity is increasingly recognised as part of the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, pain and functional impairment. By means of key research milestones, the conference will take a look at where the area started and where it is going.

The conference, organised by the department’s Center for Muscle and Joint Health on Monday 23 August, will primarily be held online for the benefit of the international audience.

Children, physical activity and health

Children’s physical activity and health have been a strong research area at the department for decades. In the anniversary week, the research area will be handled at the conference ‘Children’s physical activity and health – a research area more crucial than ever!’. Among other things, the conference will focus on the research that forms the basis of the health authorities’ recommendation on children’s physical activity. The conference also provides a number of examples of successful, research-based concepts developed by some of the employees of the department.

The conference is organised by the department’s Research in Childhood Health (RICH) centre in collaboration with several of the department’s research units and will take place on Wednesday 25 August.

Focus on innovation

‘Nordic Sports Innovation Summit’ takes the pulse of innovation and entrepreneurship in the sports industry. The event offers a number of inspiring presentations and an exhibition where innovative companies present their latest products. There will also be a competition where students compete to see who has the strongest business idea.

The Nordic Sports Innovation Summit will take place on Thursday 26 August and is organised by the researchers of the department in collaboration with Sports Lab Copenhagen.

Reception and book launch

On the last day of the anniversary week, the anniversary event itself will be held and will include speeches and presentations from some of the prominent employees of the department as well as the closest business partners. In connection with the event, the book ‘Fra legemsøvelser til Idræt og Biomekanik. 50 år med kroppen i bevægelse’ (From gymnastics to Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics. 50 years with the body in motion) is launched, written on the occasion of the anniversary.

The event will take place on Friday 27 August and will end with a reception for the employees and former employees of the department – as well as invited business partners.

Alumnus celebration will be held in November

Originally, a big celebration for alumni and employees was planned as a conclusion to the anniversary week. However, this celebration has been moved to Friday 12 November with the expectation that the restrictions due to COVID-19 have ceased by then.

The department will announce how and when to register for this event as soon as possible.

You can read more about the anniversary events here.

Editing was completed: 11.06.2021