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Research project on diabetic foot ulcer receives grant of DKK 45.000

Postdoc Fei Yu of the Mads Clausen Institute has been granted DKK 45.000 from TEK Momentum for a research project. The project focuses on the development of equipment for continuous monitoring of edema among diabetes patients

As part of the Patient@home project, which aims at developing welfare technology for treatment, care and observation of patients in their own homes, this project focuses on monitoring of foot edema, which can afflict diabetes patients.


The project will be carried out with Danfoss PolyPower, which has developed a thin polymer, DEAP that can be used as both sensor and actuator. The DEAP material will in the project be applied as a sensor. With that as the underlying basis, Fei Yu will develop a monitoring system and test its usability, reliability and stability. 

Great market potential

For Fei Yu, the grant will cover the purchase of some materials, which are necessary for the completion of the project. Considering the current costs of the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer, Fei Yu envisions a great market potential for the product. In the first instance, however, the product will be employed for monitoring the foot ulcers of diabetes patients at Odense University Hospital.


For more information about the sub-project on foot ulcers, please contact Postdoc Fei Yu,, Ph. 6550 1676.

Editing was completed: 05.02.2013