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Department of Design, Media, and Educational Science

The Center for AI Ethics explores the ethical implications of artificial intelligence and its impact on society. The center is led by a diverse steering committee consisting of experts from various fields, including computer science, the Social Sciences, the Humanities, and IT leadership. 

The Center for AI Ethics acknowledges the potential benefits that AI can bring to society. However, we also recognize the challenges associated with AI, such as ethical concerns related to diversity, accountability, lack of transparency, privacy, and AI’s potential to amplify structural inequalities. The center is dedicated to promoting responsible and ethical AI development and deployment.

Ethical AI is not only a technical issue but also a social, cultural, and political one. As such, there is an urgent need for fostering genuine interdisciplinarity. Therefore, the center’s ambition is to cultivate a strong interdisciplinary research environment combining research excellence within computer science, data science, engineering science, the Social Sciences, and the Humanities. 

The Center for AI Ethics facilitates interdisciplinary research, public dialogues, and education to promote AI that respects human dignity, human rights, and social justice.