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SDUUP | Newsletter September 2020

THEME: Learning Circles - Resource Collection: An Important Source of Knowledge on Digital Technologies

Project Digital Competences through Learning Circles launches at SDU in October 2020. An important part of the project is the digital resource platform, which project participants will use as a starting point for their learning during the learning circles. The resource collection has been developed in cooperation between UCL, UCN and SDU, the three institutions participating in the project. Furthermore, the collection is publicly available, since the content is useful not only for the project participants.

The resource collection can be a useful source of knowledge for others than the project participants

Each institution contributes to the collection, but in the beginning SDU has been responsible for delivering most of the content. Among other things because of SDU’s great expert knowledge on topics such as health technology (telehealth, AI), Extended Reality, IoT and Blended Learning. The project is focused on developing digital competences, and therefore the contents of the collection will be concentrated on new digital technological developments, influencing academic, professional and didactic practices. Thus, the resource collection is not only relevant to project participants but can be a useful source of knowledge for anyone interested in new digital developments, and how they can be used in academic and didactic practices.

Therefore, the resource collection is publicly available, making it possible for all to dig into the many resources. During the project, more content will be developed for the collection – in the end, this will result in a total of 25 digital learning resources. You can find the resource collection here -

Examples of learning resources: Extended Reality and Blended Learning

Looking at the learning resources in the collection gives you a clear idea of their importance as a source of knowledge on digital technologies for not just the project participants. One of the learning resources provided by SDU is an introduction to Extended Reality with VR and AR. The resource has been developed by Gunver Majgaard, who is a researcher in digital learning resources and game development at The Faculty of Engineering. The resource gives a general introduction to VR and AR, and how game elements can facilitate experience-based learning. Furthermore, Majgaard provides a number of examples of how, VR and AR can be used in practice. Finishing off, she summarizes pros and cons for using Extended Reality in a teaching environment.

A general introduction to Blended and Flipped Learning is another resource developed at SDU. This resource has been developed by Inger-Marie F. Christensen and Christopher Kjær. Christopher is an e-learning consultant with SDUUP. Here, the reader is presented with a definition of blended and flipped learning along with the advantages of using these methods in teaching. A number of recommendations and methods for including blended and flipped learning in course planning are presented. Furthermore, they go through a number of fine examples of blended and flipped learning being used in practice at SDU.

Discover the platform for yourself – new content is added continuously during the span of the project

We encourage you to explore the learning resources already available on the platform. Make sure you also keep an eye out for new content. SDUUP’s newsletter will announce when new content is added. By using the resource platform, you can easily follow the most recent developments within digital learning resources. 

Where to find the resource collection

The resource collection is easy to access and is continually updated with new resources during the project. We encourage you to explore the learning resources already available on the platform. Make sure you also keep an eye out for new content

Access the resource collection

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