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Peder Thusgaard Ruhoff in management of newly founded organisation

The Faculty of Engineering is represented in a new organisation which is to strengthen the possibilities for collecting, processing and calculating data in Danish research.

The newly founded organisation called the Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation is the result of a fuision between "Forskningsnettet" (the Research Web") and the Danish Center for Scientific Computing. The aim of the fusion is to create an organisation ensuring that Danish e-science - research conducted via networks, computers and data storage - meets international standards.

Strong on technology and competencies
"Forskningsnettet" delivers high-performance internet connections to universities and research institutions, and the Danish Center for Scientific Computing is responsible for delivering processing power and data storage to Danish research groups. Combined, they form an organisation capable of providing the technology and the competencies needed by Danish e-science.

Head of Department Peder Thusgaard Ruhoff (Illustration) from the Institute of Technology and Innovation has been appointed to the board of directors of the Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation, also counting among its members representatives from other leading Danish higher educational institutions (University of Aarhus, University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark).

For ore information, please contact
Peder Thusgaard Ruhoff, mob. 6011 2373 or e-mail

Editing was completed: 01.06.2012