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Environmentalist Becomes the New Head of the Department of Technology and Innovation at TEK

Professor Michael Evan Goodsite will be the new Head of the Department of Technology and Innovation at the Faculty of Engineering on 1 June. He is a renowned climate expert and advises politicians in the EU on climate change.

It will be one of the heavyweights within the field of research who will lead the Department of Technology and Innovation. Michael Evan Goodsite is a professor of atmospheric chemistry, climate and global processes and comes from a position as Centre Director at Aarhus University’s department in Herning.

Michael Evan Goodsite comes from America, but moved to Odense in 1997. He has a Bachelor in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona, USA from 1994. In 2000 he earned his MSc degree in Environmental Technology from the University of Southern Denmark. Subsequently, he went to Copenhagen to complete his PhD on environment and climate in 2003.

- Climate is what we expect. Weather is what we get. Michael Goodsite explains very simply what climate is all about. Michael Evan Goodsite has a green heart and focuses on the societal impacts of climate change. As a climate expert, he is a member of some of the most influential committees which advise politicians in the EU. He is also one of the regular experts on TV2 News when it comes to climate change.

Michael Evan Goodsite has combined his knowledge concerning the climate with business. He has an MBA in global trade from Thunderbird School of Global Management and has aided various companies and municipalities adapt to climate changes. He has conducted research into how companies can generate growth by focusing on positive alterations in relation to the climate changes we are currently experiencing.

In 2011, Michael Evan Goodsite became Centre Director at Aarhus University in Herning. He headed a strategy that concerned AU Herning’s support of Danish regional development in a global world. A vision, in which, he engaged employees and students. This ensured that AU Herning, as the only university department, received direct support from the six municipalities. Centre AU Herning changed its status to department in 2013.

Michael Evan Goodsite is 44 years old, married, and has three children. In his leisure time he enjoys spending time with a football on the pitch. Both as a player, coach and referee – and he is an avid fan of OB.

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Editing was completed: 03.03.2014