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Engineer graduation looks forward to a new era

It was a solemn and slightly wistful occasion at the Faculty of Engineering that on the 27 June 2015 celebrated for the last time the newly graduated engineers at Niels Bohrs Allé 1.

'Today is a historic day that marks a new future - both for those of you who can celebrate getting your degree and for the Faculty of Engineering which for the last time honours our graduates here at Niels Bohrs Allé 1. In a few days we will move laboratories, offices and everything belonging to the Faculty of Engineering and its three Odense departments over to Campusvej to a brand new building,' said Head of Department Lars Porskjær Christensen in the day's celebration speech.

A need for engineers

'Congratulations on choosing - and completing - an engineering study programme. You can be proud of that. It was also a wise choice because you are now highly sought after men and women,' said Lars Porskjær Christensen and continued:

'Businesses need you: your international skills, your ability to cooperate and your innovative thinking. We often hear in the media how business is crying out for talented engineers - in fact they can't get enough! A new forecast carried out by the Confederation of Danish Industry and the engineering society IDA shows that by 2025 there will be a shortfall of nearly 10,000 engineers.'

He encouraged the young people to find jobs in the Region of Southern Denmark and help boost the region's business development.

Super fantastic time

The shortfall of engineers was also a theme in the speech by MSc in Engineering - Environmental Engineering graduate Anne Tipsmark Ottosen who was pleased that many of her fellow students had already found jobs. She also did a retrospective of the past five years of SDU's engineering study programmes.

'It has been great and fun to read engineering - but also hard sometimes! I hope that, like me, you have a lot of great memories of super fantastic adventures,' said the happy speaker.

New study programmes are a hit

Among the newly graduated engineers there were for the first time MSc in Engineering - Software Engineering and MSc in Engineering - Learning and Experience Technology graduates who had also been looking for vacant positions.

One of the new Learning and Experience Technology engineers, Mikkel Line Andersen (pictured), started a job as digitisation consultant at Vejle Municipality on 15 June 2015.

'My department is in charge of provisions for the elderly and disabled. I work with both support and instruction of programmes, developing e-learning programmes and heading new digital projects,' he explained.

'I am so glad that I read Learning and Experience Technology and have been very interested in e-learning. All the time during my study period we worked with new technologies and learned new programmes and I use that ability to learn different systems in my new job,' said Mikkel who has attended many job interviews and experienced great interest in his skills.

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Photo: Jakob Vest Hansen (left) and Mikkel Linde Andersen.

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