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Lundbeck Foundation (LF - Lundbeck Fonden)

The Lundbeck Foundation donates nearly 1 billion DKK a year for biomedical research. The foundation has a strong preference for projects related neuroscience – or at least project which could impact and advance neuroscience in Denmark.

The foundation is associated with the Lundbeck company - a world-leading pharmaceutical company for treatments of neurological disorders. The foundation has a long tradition supporting brain-related research, from basic research in the fundamental aspects of the brain to clinical projects at the Danish hospitals.

The foundation offers a huge variety of funding opportunities and at all career stages, from postdoctoral fellowship and a generous starting grant to support for the ascending investigator and the senior and well-established professor. The Lundbeck foundation also supports the wild ideas with the experiment call and the large cooperative efforts with the collaborative grant.

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Last Updated 29.05.2024