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The Carlsberg Foundation (Carlsbergfondet)

The Carlsberg Foundation donates more than 600 million DKK for basic research each year. A large part of this goes to research within the natural sciences. While the foundation supports fundamental and basic research, it does not finance projects with a clear clinical angle and projects within the technical sciences.

The foundation is tied to the Carlsberg brewery and has a history and legacy longer than most other foundations. The visionary founder of Carlsberg, J.C. Jacobsen, had a deep fascination of the natural sciences and could see how science impacts society. For nearly 150 years, the Carlsberg Foundation has been a major driver in the advancement of science in Denmark.

The Carlsberg Foundation has a particular focus on the young and aspiring scientists by having several calls for postdoctoral fellowships as well as a starting grant for newly appointed associated professors. The foundation also donates funding for research infrastructure for scientists at all career levels.

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Last Updated 29.05.2024