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CIMT will bridge the gap between your research/company and doctors at the hospital. Partake in the network meeting Thursday the 11th of November, 2021, from 14:30 to 16:30.

With CIMT (Centre for Innovative Medical Technology), OUH has a unit whose focus is on shortening the gap between researchers and clinicians. CIMT has a long track record of facilitating successful collaborations within OUH and between OUH and external partners such as companies and scientists at the Faculty of Engineering. They are very interested in learning about the research at the Faculty of Science and the thriving biotech-industry. The aim is to help scientists and companies in getting in contact with relevant people at OUH.
Therefore, if you are seeking for opportunities to fortify your research with a translational perspective or generally thinking along the lines of innovation, CIMT is a very good place to start. CIMT will visit SDU Thursday the 11th of November from 14.30-16.30, tell about themselves and – most importantly – learn about you and your research.


You can sign up for the event here. The deadline for signing up is the 4th of November.


Center for Innovativ Medical Technology

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Last Updated 29.11.2023