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We are in the fortunate situation that head of research, professor Thomas Bjørnholm and programme director Michel Kristensen, from the Villum Foundation will introduce the Villum Synergy call to scientists at SDU. The purpose of the call is to support and foster interdisciplinary collaboration between computer scientists/mathematicians/statisticians and researchers from other domains. After the introduction of the call, there will be plenty of time to ask questions to Thomas and Michel.
You can join here and learn more about the call. Here are a few headlines:
An amount of DKK 50 million is currently allocated to this call. The foundation is aiming at a ratio of about 15/35 i.e. DKK 15 million for Initiation projects and DKK 35 million for Full projects:
- Initiation project grants on DKK 2-3 million for up to two years are available for new collaborations.
- Established collaborations mature enough to benefit from a large grant can apply for a Full project grant on DKK 10-20 million for three to five years.
Projects must involve two PIs that are both employed at a Danish research institution. It is required that one is a methodological expert from computer science, statistics or applied mathematics and the other a domain expert from a field of application that may be broadly chosen (not medicine and clinical research). Co-PIs providing additional required expertise may also be included in the project.
The research must be conducted at the Danish research institution where the applicants are employed.
Villum Synergy

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Last Updated 29.11.2023