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Management and organisation

The Organisation

SDU Odense is the largest of the 6 campuses that make up University of Southern Denmark and all five faculties are represented in Odense. The campus occupies an area of 291,146 square kilometres and houses 22,558 students and 3,171 employees (full-time equivalents).

As a university, SDU must create visible results that generate value for the society of which the university is a part. New technology, better health for citizens and high-quality research are just some of SDU’s contributions to doing this. The university must also be able to adapt and fit in where needed, prioritise research resources and manage our operations in interaction with surroundings and events that are rapidly and continuously changing. That’s why SDU employs a strategy designed for maximum flexibility, so that it can be agile at the same time as setting ambitious goals and achieving good results.

Daily management

As the main campus of SDU, the day-to-day management is handled by the Vice-Chancellor (ad interim)assisted by the Executive Board. The Executive Board consists, aside from the Vice-Chancellor, of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, the University Director, the Deans and other management representatives selected as determined by the Vice-Chancellor, with the Vice-Chancellor as chairman. The Executive Board holds around 13-15 meetings per year.

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Last Updated 17.11.2023