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FreeD Research and Innovation Goals


The FreeD project focuses on the key B-VLOS enabling factors as they are identified by the drone industry, regulatory bodies and the aviation safety community.

FreeD Research and Innovation Goals are:

  • Develop the framework for safety-case assessment and B-VLOS mission certification
  • Research the capability of ground-based radar to reduce the risk of collision between drones and other aviation traffic
  • Develop a Failsafe Hardware/Software module designed to eliminate or minimize the risk of undesirable outcomes in the event of an unsafe situation caused by one or more faults
  • Develop a reliable Command and Control (C2) link between the  drone and the pilot supporting critical safety functions
  • Develop Sense and Avoid technology to increase safety of B-VLOS flights
  • Conduct integrated flight tests to validate the framework and safety enhancing technologies
  • Evaluate and estimate the business and market potential of the drone applications

Last Updated 10.07.2020