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Software Technology for Model-based Trustworthy Systems

Trustworthiness is a critical parameter of Cyber-Physical Systems. This action does R&D on model-based design and formal analysis for the development of trustworthy CPS. The action develops tool-supported fault detection and diagnostics that integrates multi-paradigm modeling and various verification & validation techniques for safety- and security-critical CPS applications, e.g., robotics, automation, vehicle, industrial control systems, etc.  This action also integrates formal guarantees into the context of human-machine interaction (HMI) to support safety & security assessment and risk analysis/prevention for CPS applications involving human-related variability and to balance efficiency and human satisfaction.


We address real-world challenges by engaging in both academic and industrial collaborations at national and international level. Please contact us if you are interested in building a partnership or conducting research.



Eun-Young Kang,

Miguel Enrique Campusano Araya,

Last Updated 01.12.2023