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LSP - Large Structure Production (2022-2023)

The central idea of our ambitious program “Large Structure Production” (LSP) is to activate robotization and digitalization for the sectors maritime, construction and energy.

The sectors maritime, construction and energy are important Danish strongholds in global markets. Today, they are facing harsh cost constraints in a fierce global competition, while at the same time they urgently must address the sustainability of their products and production processes. However, the three sectors are significantly lacking behind other manufacturing industries in terms of robotization and digitalization.

Ships and offshore platforms, buildings and bridges, wind turbine towers and blades… all these examples of large structures are still manufactured with large amounts of manual efforts today. 

Robotization and digitalization have been successfully and widely implemented in other industries to heighten productivity, competitiveness, and product quality. But due to their size, weight, and complexity, it has been difficult to effectively implement automated solutions in the production of large structures. With LSP, we address this urgent need for robotization and digitalization by systematically enabling Industry 4.0 technologies for the three sectors maritime, construction and energy.

Based on application-oriented research and development of novel automated solutions, we aim at supporting the Danish strongholds to stay competitive in global markets, increase productivity, cost-efficiency and quality - while boosting the green transition with responsible use of materials around the product life cycle. In addition, we aim to improve the digital transition of the workforce in the sectors, by offering targeted education activities and by introducing young talents from engineering to the industries. And with the LSP program, companies in the sectors will eventually have a “go-to” laboratory dedicated to the automation their XL production challenges.

The SDU Center for Large Structure Production is part of the Erhversfyrtårn Fyn “NextGen Robotics”, and partly funded by EU’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Professor Christian Schlette

Project partners:
65 partners in the consortium, Nextgen Robotics



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