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Research areas

We conduct research in building digital electronics for advanced applications (autonomous robots, drones, automotive, and IoT) to support their mission of solving major societal challenges (infrastructure inspection and maintenance, and healthcare).

The section has an interdisciplinary team of researchers specialized in e.g. hardware acceleration, AI, control, high-frequency electronics, and embedded systems. Together we create solutions for the future.

We cooperate with leading universities and industries as well as start-up companies in electronics, robotics, drones, and IoT.

The section currently coordinates an H2020 project (Drones4Safety) and partners in a Horizon Europe (SPADE) project and H2020 (Aerial-Core).

The section consists of research groups that utilize electronics in different domains. You can read more about the research area in detail by clicking the links below.

Prof. Emad Samuel Malki Ebeid

Head of section

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Last Updated 13.03.2023