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PhD Podcast

PhD Podcast - Academics share advice on achieving a PhD through ‘alternative format’

Two academics are sharing advice for students undertaking a PhD through alternative format, in a new four-part podcast series.

In this podcast, researchers Scott Jones from the University of Birmingham, UK, and Anuja Pradhan from the University of Southern Denmark, Denmark share advice, personal stories, and critically examine the PhD by alternative format. This podcast is aimed at current and potential PhD students as well as supervisors in the social sciences and humanities.

Each episode of the podcast tackles different issues related to doing a PhD by alternative format, such as why people choose to complete their PhDs this way; the writing process of the alternative format thesis and the advantages and challenges of writing journal-style articles; practical advice for preparing for and undertaking a viva, and how this might be different for a PhD by alternative format.

One episode is dedicated to PhD supervisors. Scott and Anuja are joined by Professor Maria Piacentini and Professor Emerita Margaret Hogg of Lancaster University, and Professor Finola Kerrigan of Birmingham University, who share their experiences as supervisors and examiners of alternative format PhDs.

The Alternative Format podcast is produced by Karsten Prinds at the University of Southern Denmark and is available on Spotify.

Editing was completed: 09.06.2023