Access and admission to the PhD Programme

Admittance to the PhD programme at the Faculty happens either on the basis of employment via a PhD scholarship at the faculty or through the Industrial PhD Programme with the involvement of a company and the Faculty of Engineering. It is also possible to be admitted to the PhD programme if the PhD student is able to finance the PhD study via external resources.

The tuition fee for students is DKK. 120.000, - (2018 level) per year. The fee will be charged by University of Southern Denmark as the institution deems it expedient in relation to the securing of funds for University of Southern Denmark's expenses for the PhD study. Enrolment happens at the 1. and the 15. of a month. Retroactive enrollment is, as a general rule, not possible.

See the faculty criteria for admission to the PhD programme
See information regarding enrollment in the PhD programme

Application for advertised scholarships must be made through vacant positions. You must download the mandatory forms here.

If you wish to enter the PhD school as a private student (self-financed) you must reach an agreement with one of the faculty's departments, centres or sections to host you. The arrangement is contingent upon the PhD schools acceptance of the candidate. It is the department, center or section that request the enrolment.

The Industrial PhD Programme
Deadlines for Industrial PhD programme are published at the homepage of The InnovationFoundation.

Submission of a PhD thesis not preceded by PhD study
Pursuant to the PhD Order, the Faculty may decide to accept a thesis for assessment without the author having completed the PhD programme, if the faculty assesses that the author has in other ways acquired other comparable qualifications. Please see the faculty guidelines for more information on how to apply for submission without previous enrolment.